Best Ideas for New Year celebration of your kids-

*Here Are Some Of The Best New Year Evening Party
Ideas –

1-Have Sound System for Dancing & Fun.

2-Can play different games like playing cards, Musical
chair, passing the Parcel etc.

3-Decorate a hall with balloons, Sparkles, Old memories,
Photos, Paper crafts, candles, Make a Scrapbook/ Video
full of memories etc.

4-Dress up with a Proper theme.


*Making Delicious Food For Kids-


1- Have some fizzy drinks, Juice at the beginning of your
party. Get funny cartoon stickers cup for the drinks.
2- Do the Chocolate decoration or hot chocolate station.
3- Have a wafers, Fries, Cookies Etc
4- Make a Yummy food for kids so that they can enjoy it.
5- Make a delicious cake for welcoming a new year.


*New Year’s Count Down Ideas-


1- You can have a mock countdown at a more suitable
2- Hand out noisemakers.
3- Write the time on balloons and pop one every 30
minutes or hour to build anticipation.
4- Play a song at a suitable time.

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