Bhondawe Patil Public School is one of the Best Primary Schools In Aurangabad and also considered to be the best CBSE school in Aurangabad. The essence and philosophy of our school centers around “Empowering knowledge & Excellence-Inspiring Values & Patriotism”. The Bhondawe Patil Kindergarten believe that shaping the overall personality of the student is of paramount importance and will offer total personality development as part of the curriculum transaction.

  We provide individual attention to our students, thus enhancing their ability to acquire and synthesize knowledge in their chosen fields of study. The objective is to inculcate a self-sustaining innovative and self-renewing system that always operates on a learning mode.

  School’s academic culture is powered by the Kota’s Education Pattern and it differs the school from other Convent schools in Aurangabad. The school is having excellent learning goals which are mentioned below,



  1. Children learn a great deal in Kindergarten. The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a big group.

  2. Social interaction is the second most important feature of Kindergarten education. The kids learn to interact with children of their own age in a supervised environment.

  3. Playing with mud, holding crayons, practicing free coloring and writing on board helps in motor development of the children. Both fine motor & gross motor development takes place by the various activities performed in the classroom under the supervision of trained teachers.

  4. The child is prepared for the curriculum of structured schools.

  5. They learn to identify their belongings like their own bag, Tiffin, napkin and water bottle. These are the real treasures of the children of this age.

  6. The children are involved in oral activities like poem recitation, storytelling, role-playing, singing songs, hymns, and prayers. All these activities help in improving their oratory skills. They learn to speak in groups. They also develop the confidence of speaking in front of small groups. Repeated recitations of poems and story enactments on stage

  7. Children get toilet trained.

  8. Time management is another important feature of preschool/kindergarten. Children learn assembly time, circle time, play time, Tiffin time, story time and fun time.

  9. Phonological awareness – is the most important feature of kindergarten/preschool education. Children learn to identify the sounds of the alphabet. They learn to recognize the alphabet by listening to the sound.

  10. Prewriting skills developed by the use of coloring with crayons and writing on a blackboard with chalk in a free style manner.





best school in aurangabad - waluj - kota pattern


Conclusion :-

With the above learning goals, your child will excel as never before. Get your child admitted in Bhondawe Patil Kindergarten.

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