Bhondawe Patil Public School Is considered to be the best CBSE school in Aurangabad. And the first-ever school to adopt the Kota’s Education Pattern. The school has been started to empower students with the skills in order to realize their God gifted potential, to create the right climate so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being. At Bhondawe Patil Public School, one’s intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and a broad outlook towards life. School’s academic culture is powered by the Kota’s Education Pattern and it differs the school from other Convent schools in Aurangabad.

Teaching & Learning At The Bhondawe Patil Public School:

  The BPPS K-12 curriculum uses a variety of engaging teaching and learning methodologies that challenge and motivate learners to excel. It focuses on nurturing the knowledge and skills essential for success in the 21st century.

  Inquiry-based and application-oriented approaches across all subjects and age groups enable students to learn about and respect a range of ideas, independently and collaboratively with others. It helps them develop new perspectives and take responsibility for their learning.

  Our teachers are trained in Curious Classrooms Concept, project-based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments, and self & peer evaluation, to make learning more engaging and effective.


Our educational programs help students:

• To develop the confidence to work with information and ideas – their own and those of others
• To take responsibility for themselves and their actions and be respectful of others
• To become reflective learners and be able to identify their ongoing learning needs
• To be creative, innovative and fully equipped for future opportunities and challenges
• To be articulate, effective communicators, and to express themselves appropriately
To empathize with others and understand and appreciate diversity
• To develop as responsible individuals who enjoy a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle
• To be engaged citizens, contribute to the community and address global challenges.












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