A safe and secure learning environment, with focus on student well-being.


Offers an integrated curriculum from LKG to Class VIII as per NCERT and CBSE, New Delhi


Well versed and updated with latest teaching pedagogies and methodologies


Well balanced co-scholastic curriculum supporting child’s areas of interest


Best CBSE School In Aurangabad

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Best CBSE schools in Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India, Which is bringing the Kota’s education pattern for the first time in Aurangabad.

Bhondawe Patil Public School is the Best CBSE school in Aurangabad. And the school is started with the vision to provide the best quality education in the city and to be one of the topmost convent schools in Aurangabad. The school will be providing Pre-School Education and is a proposed K-12 CBSE co-educational school.

Bhondawe Patil Public School is quality and meaningful educational initiative by Shri. Hanuman Bhondawe Patil, a Philanthropist, a social benefactor, an envisioned leader and achiever par excellence. Sri Hanuman Bhondawe rose to eminence as a person of extraordinary commitment to duty and excellence. He loves children, joyously participates in myriad school events and encourages all with wholesomeness characteristic of his large heartedness.

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Knowledge Imparting Mechanism of the CBSE School

Knowledge Imparting Mechanism of the Top School in Waluj is somewhat different than other English Medium Schools in Aurangabad. And is given below;

  • The teacher’s responsibility lies in nurturing intrinsic motivation in each child.
  • In the classroom instead of merely chalk and talk teaching, the teacher builds concepts towards an overall idea.
  • The teacher also restructures the knowledge by challenging the students’ current ideas.
  • Our Teacher uses different teaching approaches and personalized learning styles that are appropriate for each student.
  • Understand each student’s strengths and challenges as well as interests.
  • Provide different context for students and use different tools and media to engage student’s different senses.